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Xiaozhen & Yingying, the owners of th-instocks-shop@bs.
Karoline, helper/co-owner, specialise in advertising.
We still studying in sec sch.
Used to be the owners of
101% promise that we are not scammers, so put 101% trust on us.
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Currently supplying 10 blogshops (:

Items sold:
1. 4 ndf fbts
2. 2 ODM watches
3. 1 metal frame wallet
4. 3 metal frame wallets
5. 1 metal frame wallet
6. 2 odm watches
7. 1 teenage magazine
8. 2 metal frame wallets
9. 12 ndf fbts
10. 5 odm watches
11. 4 df fbts
12. 1 earpiece
13. 6 ndf fbts
14. 2 epop magazines
15. 6 teenage magazines
16. 12 teenage magazines
17. 1 metal frame wallet
18. 1 odm watch
19. 1 df fbt 20. 4 odm watches
Terms&Conditions :

1. Meet-ups only for payment; we only do meet-ups at some MRT/LRT stations.

2. No MIA, dead buyers and backouts, or you are blacklisted.

3. All items must be paid in SGD.

4. If you have paid and wished to backout, only 50% of your money will be refunded.

5. Meetups strictly to our own convenience.

6. We are not responsible of any goods(from preorders) that have defects, wrong colour, defects, etc. as we pass you whatever we get from the supplier. But we will check accordingly from the supplier.

7. If your item is oos, we will refund the full amount that you had paid earlier.

8. We charged every 5 minutes late for 50cents, we at most wait for you for 20 minutes, so please be punctual for meetups.

9. Collection by meet-ups only.

10. For instocks, once you pay, you can collect the item on the day itself.

11. For instocks, payment must be made within 48 hours or the item will not be reserved for you.

12. If you do not make payment before our deadline, you order will be automatically cancel.

13. For preorders, do not order if you cannot wait.

14. Please send your orders through order forms.

15. From 1 January 2010 onwards, once you ordered the items, you have to make payment within a week.

16. Mass meetups are available at a foc places.

17. If you want to meet anywhere other than the foc places, you will be charged accordingly.

18. For the Korean/Taiwan Apparels Preorder, they will arrive about 1.5-2 weeks after preorder is closed.

19. For the Taiwan Sprees, they will most likely arrived 1-3months after it's closed, so don't order if you can't wait.

20. We reserved the rights to change the terms&conditions without pior notice.

So, think and read the T&C carefully before ordering!

Payment method:
Charges for Meet-ups(MRTS):

FOC: From Bukit Batok to Choa Chu Kang only.

Red line: From Yew Tee to Yishun only - 50cents

Green line: Joo Koon to Chinese garden - $1
Clementi to Bugis - $1.50

Purple line: Harbourfront only - $1.50

Circle line: No meetups, sorry.

Lrt Stations: $1 for Bukit Panjang Lrt Line (South View to Senja)

*Note: We do not do meetups that we didn't stated above, please understand.
*Find the charges high? Go to places that are FOC.

Collection method:
Mass meetups: Usually at FOC places.
Personal meetups: Pay according to the meetup charges as stated above.
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df fbt preorder 2
Odm & KO3guo Watches Preorder 6 *open*
Earpiece Preorder 2 *open*
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order form:
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2nd choice(In case of OOS):
3rd choice (only for those who want to buy fbts only):
Meetup venue for payment and collection:
Total Amount:

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Friday, December 18, 2009 @ 4:47 PM
Step-on/ Normal Leggings Preorder 1
Step-on/Normal Leggings Preorder 1
Step-on leggings.

Brand: no brand
Colour(s) available: black only.
Size: Free size
Price: $10 each!

Normal leggings.

Brand: No brand
Colour(s) available: black, white
Size: Free size
Instocks available: white x 1 black x 1
Price: $10 each !

No cappings required !